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Our online documentation includes extensive help for products' API.If you have any notes or suggestions on how we could improve it, please let us know. Currently documentation for the following products is available:
Developer guides
Our developer guides contain detailed information about products, licensing mechanism description and code samples for typical tasks. If we missed something, please let us know and we will add it into the next edition. Apitron PDF.Rasterizer Development Guide
Apitron PDF.Kit Development Guide
Books and articles
A comprehensive guide to PDF creation, manipulation, signing and other common processing tasks. Using this guide you'll be able to quickly understand the concepts behind the PDF graphics system, PDF Forms, Annotations and other less known features. Apitron PDF Kit in Action.
How to create and use custom fonts for PDF generation.
How to merge docs into single PDF file.
How to split PDF file into separate pages.
How to convert a list of images to PDF using Apitron PDF Kit .NET PDF Component.
Fixed and Flow document layout in Apitron PDF Kit .NET component.
How to extract formatted text from PDF document for search and analysis.
How to create and load PDF Forms in Universal Apps using Windows Store and Windows Phone PDF library.
How to create PDF invoice in Windows Forms application.
How to create PDF forms in Android applications using Xamarin PDF library.
How to digitally sign PDF documents using InkManager in Windows Store applications.
How to create PDF forms in iOS applications using Xamarin.
How to export document to PDFA and its core differences from PDF.
How to add watermark to pdf document.
How to extract text from pdf page and create pdf to html conversion tool.
How to create grids and tables in PDF.
How to create links and bookmarks in PDF.
How to add interactivity to PDF documents using Actions.
Advanced text flow effects in PDF documents using floating elements.
How to manipulate with ordered and unordered lists in PDF.
How to add or open pdf attachments - managing embedded files.
Converting html to pdf using markup parser.
PDF Security, part 1 – create or open password protected PDF documents.
PDF Security, part 2 – Sign PDF document and validate signatures.
How to copy pages from one PDF document to another.
How to programmatically annotate PDF documents.
How to extract images from PDF documents.
How to set PDF document information and PDF reader settings.
How to perform an incremental update for PDF document.
Create, manipulate and render PDF documents in Silverlight applications.
Converting PDF documents to PDF/A
How to create PDF document containing pages of different size.
How to use Apitron Silverlight PDF viewer control.
How to create PDF document using MONO and Apitron PDF Kit.
How to use background images for content elements.
How to set fallback fonts for PDF rendering and creation.
How to work with transparent images in PDF.
How to check whether the document uses PDF/A standard.
How to avoid the out of memory exception when rendering or reading PDF files.
How to sign the already signed PDF document.
How to create round-rect borders in PDF.
ICC color profiles and ICC-based colors in PDF.
Convert and view PDF documents in Xamarin Forms applications.
How to create PDF forms in Xamarin.Forms applications.
Web PDF viewer implemented as single page web application using AngularJS and Web API.
Unicode bi-directional and right to left text in PDF documents.
How to create PDF documents from XML templates.
How to add header and footer to PDF page.
How to apply clipping mask for drawings on PDF page.
How to resize PDF pages and stamp PDF documents.
How to flatten PDF form fields.
How to implement gradient fills using shadings and shading patterns in PDF.
How to add layers to PDF page using optional content.
Apitron PDF Kit and Apitron PDF Rasterizer - engine settings explained.
PDFA validation - overcoming limitations of validation tools.
Search text in PDF documents using regular expressions.
Windows 10 universal application pdf viewer control sample.
How to add free text annotation with custom appearance to PDF page .
How to find and highlight links in PDF documents.
How to convert PDF to image using ICC color profile for CMYK to RGB transformation .
How to convert PDF to HTML C# sample .
Setting custom properties for PDF signatures .
Adding image and text annotations to PDF documents, an interactive WPF PDF viewer sample .
How to render and display PDF layers using advanced rendering settings .
Convert PDF to TIFF using custom settings .
Introduction to FDF or Forms Data Format .
How to convert PDF to tiff using custom bitonal image conversion .
How to programmatically delete, edit or replace content in PDF documents .
Open source Apitron PDF Kit extensions library .
PDF 2.0 specification overview .