Apitron was founded in 2007 as a private company working with several large customers. Software they were selling had a big part related to PDF processing, so it was the point where it all started. We were not satisfied with the software on the market and decided to get it developed.

We started our own internal project aiming to get PDF specification fully covered for our needs, so we would be able to manipulate objects in PDF file and generate new content easily. There was also a need for the PDF to image conversion library and now this part of our project became available for users under the name of Apitron PDF Rasterizer for .NET .

While working for enterprise companies as a subcontractor we realized that we could also share our expertise with the rest of the world using our components for developers, and started movement in this direction thinking that it would give us new experience we never had before. And we loved it.

We didn’t stop and developed a full range of PDF components which could be used to create applications for all modern desktop, mobile, web and cloud platforms. Now our PDF manipulation and rendering libraries are available for .NET, Android, iOS, ASP.NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Windows Azure just to name a few. Apitron PDF Kit for .NET quickly became the bestseller and is now used by many of the FORTUNE 500 companies.
We are a team of passionate developers who really know things that we do, and what makes us standing out as a company is our support policy. When you contact us with your support query you talk to developers from the first and only line. Our senior developers, including CTO work with you. Same people who create the product are helping developers who use it.

A rare case in the software world, but being a customer-centric company, we do it. The company name - Apitron, underlines that we consider our API an important part of the every product we create, so we polish it until we are totally satisfied. It makes us a bit …APItronic :)
We’re always looking for good candidates as we have many unique and challenging projects to work on combined with good benefits and competitive salary. Contact us if you are interested.