Apitron Image2PDF

Important note
Starting from 1st Jan 2015 this product was discontinued and its functionality was included into the Apitron PDF Kit for .NET library.
Apitron Image2PDF is a .NET component that performs high-quality conversion from a set of image files to PDF document. It’s 100% managed, doesn’t require special manipulations to run with any .NET framework version starting from 2.0 and has simple and transparent royalty-free licensing model.
Use you favourite .NET language, C#, VB.NET or other and create cross-platform applications that require image to pdf conversion.
Image formats supported
Bmp, Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Png, multipage or single page TIFFs
We support the following for image to pdf conversion

  • explicitly set page orientations, landscape or portrate
  • automatic page orientation detection
  • margins, paddings, borders
  • various scale modes
  • document information access, e.g. Author, Subject, Keywords fields can be set
  • transparent images support
  • suitable for cross-platform development cause there is no dependency on GDI+
  • standard page sizes support, it's also possible to use custom page sizes
  • compatible with MONO, you may use Xamarin and create apps for Mac OS X , iOS and Android using our component(see examples in our blog)
Processing highlights
We use continuous integration including automated testing environment that checks the component’s solidness daily and helps us to quickly track and fix bugs. Lots of tests were created in order to give you the most tested and quality tool for your business and this test base is growing. We even developed internal testing tools so our QA department is well-armed.


Initial release
Starting from January 2015 this product was discontinued and became a part of Apitron PDF Kit for .NET component.