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Apitron PDF Kit is a .NET component that allows you to do whatever you want with PDF files. Add text, images, drawings, sign documents and much more.
You can also edit existing content using its friendly and easy to use API. It’s 100% managed code and doesn't require special manipulations to run with any .NET framework version starting from 2.0.
Use you favourite .NET language, C#, VB.NET or other and create applications that require pdf processing. Please read features section in order to get full description of its capabilities.
The Apitron PDF Kit for .NET library can be used to create cross-platform desktop, mobile, web and cloud solutions. Using this component you'll be able to create applications or services for:
  • Windows desktop systems (Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, console apps, windows services)
  • Windows Phone 8.1\10, Windows Store and Windows Runtime, Windows 10 UWP
  • Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, OS X (using MONO or Xamarin)
  • Azure Web or Worker Roles, Azure Web Jobs
  • Any system where .NET/MONO implementation exists
Many companies choose this component as their server-side solution for PDF processing.
PDF versions support
Supported PDF standard versions are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated.
  Using Apitron PDF Kit .NET component you'll be able to:
  • Extract, modify and add graphics (text, images, drawings)
  • Split or merge PDF documents
  • Fill or create PDF forms, FDF support
  • Create multi-layer PDF documents with optional content groups ( OCG )
  • Add or remove document fields
  • Use bidirectional or right-to-left text to create page content
  • Examine resources within a document - fonts, embedded files
  • Digitally sign and check existing signatures on PDF documents
  • Search text in PDF documents and extract intelligently formatted text
  • Protect document with a password or set security permissions
  • Work with navigation objects, e.g. create bookmarks or links
  • Annotate PDF documents using all available annotation objects
  • Add all available PDF actions, e.g. Javascript, GoTo, URI, Launch, Named etc.
  • Use all font formats defined by specification: TrueType, OpenType,Type3, Type1, Type0
  • Use custom fonts and automatically create and embed font subsets
  • Use the following colorspaces for drawing: Device (RGB, CMYK, GRAY); CIE-based (CalRGB, CalGRAY, Lab, ICCBased - via ICC color profile); Special (Pattern, DeviceN, Indexed, Separation)
  • Quickly create PDF document from a list of images
  • Implement custom html-like markup to PDF conversion
  • Generate PDF files using external xml templates
  • Save document to other “subtypes” of PDF – Linearized or PDF/A for example
  • If you require a specific functionality and are unsure about whether it is supported, please review our online help or contact our support so we'll be able to help you
  Apitron PDF Kit API provides two different approaches for PDF manipulation:
  • Fixed layout API, implemented to be 100% PDF specification compatible, it unlocks full power of the PDF for you. Any complex PDF creation or manipulation task can be completed instantly
  • Flow layout API, a styles-driven content generation API similar to HTML+CSS provides you with ability to create stunning documents, reports, bills, catalogs and more in minutes. Compact and easy to use, supports creation of XML templates and much more
Processing highlights
File processing and parsing is being done using all available processor cores so you application scales well when you add them.Our state of art parsing engine is a true gem we that were developing for a long time. We are passionate about PDF and have enough industry experience to make our component the best on a market.
We use continuous integration including automated testing environment that checks the component’s solidness daily and helps us to quickly track and fix bugs.Lots of tests were created in order to give you the most tested and quality tool for your business and this test base is growing.