PDFViewer Properties

Apitron PDF Controls help
Apitron.PDF.Controls for .NET

The PDFViewer type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets the background color.
(Overrides ControlBackColor.)
Public propertyContentPadding
Gets or sets the content padding in pixels. Affects page view area.
Public propertyDocument
Gets or sets the document to view.
Public propertyEnableHotkeys
Gets or sets a value indicating whether hotkeys handling should be enabled.
Public propertyEnableSearch
Gets or sets the controls search panel visibility state.
Public propertyFocused
Gets a value indicating whether the control has input focus.
(Overrides ControlFocused.)
Public propertyHotkeys
Gets the hotkeys set.
Public propertyPageViewMode
Gets or sets the current page view mode.
Public propertyRenderingQuality
Gets or sets the rendering quality.
Public propertyScrollViewer
Public propertySearchHighlightColor
Gets or sets the highlight color for the search results.
Public propertySearchManager
Gets the search manager.
Public propertyShowToolbar
Gets or sets the controls toolbar visibility state.
Public propertyToolbar
Gets the toolbar of the viewer.
Public propertyZoom
Gets or sets the current zoom factor for the page view.
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