Apitron.PDF.Kit Namespace

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains classes representing main functionality of the component.

Public classFixedDocument
This class represents a PDF document.
Public classFlowDocument

Represents a document that can be composed using flow layout rules applied to various content elements or content containers and later saved as PDF document using Write(Stream, ResourceManager, PDFALevels, PageBoundary) method.

It can be also saved to XML using SaveToXml(Stream, ResourceManager) and loaded from it using LoadFromXml(Stream, ResourceManager) methods.

FlowDocument supports styling for its elements and itself using Style objects which can be added to its StyleManager along with the matching expressions.

Public classFormsDataDocument
This class represents a FDF document.
Public classPdfVersion
This class represens a PDF Version.

Public enumerationCode examplePageLayout
This enum represents the list of available page layouts shall be used when the document is opened.
Public enumerationCode examplePageMode
This enum represents a list of available page modes.
Public enumerationPDFALevels
This enum represents a level of PDFA standard.
Public enumerationPdfStandard
This enum represents a list of supported format specializations.