Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout Namespace

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains specific objects describing fixed document model.

Public classAssociatedFiles
This class represents an associated files collection. Associated files provide a means to associate content in other formats with objects of a PDF file and to identify the relationship between them.
Public classBoundaries
This class provides the list of predefined boundaries.
Public classBoundary
This class represents a size(Page boundaries)
Public classDestinationCollection
This class represents a named destination collection for PDF1.2 and later.
Public classEmbeddedFile
This class represents an embedded file.
Public classEmbeddedFileCollection
This class represents an embedded files collection.
Public classFileSpecification
This class represents a file specification.
Public classFromImagePageSettings
This class represents settings for a page to be created from an image.
Public classInternalCollectionT
This class represent an internal collection
Public classInternalDictionaryTKey, TValue
This class represents an abstract internal dictionary.
Public classNamedPagesCollection
This class represents a named pages collection
Public classNames
This class represents a collection of name mappings for various resources.
Public classPage
This class represents a PDF page.
Public classPageCollection
This class represents a page collection.
Public classPageLabelsCollection
This class represents a page lables collection.
Public classPdf11DestinationCollection
This class represents a named destination collection for PDF1.1.
Public classUrlSpecification
This class represents a url specification.
Public classViewerPreferences
This class represents a viewer preferences.

Public interfaceILocationSpecification
This interface repsents an abstract location specification (File, Embeded file or URL)

Public enumerationAssociatedFileRelationship
This enum represents the list of allowed associated file relationships where each item represents the relationship between the component of this PDF document that refers to this file specification and the associated file denoted by this file specification.
Public enumerationBoundaryUnits
This enum represents available boundaries units.
Public enumerationImageScaleMode
This enum represents a list of available scale modes.
Public enumerationPageOrientation
This enum defines possible page orientations.