Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.Functions Namespace

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Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains definition of functions.

Public classExponentialFunction
This class represents an exponential function. Type 2 functions include a set of parameters that define an exponential interpolation of one input value and n output values: F(x) = y0,....,yn-1
Public classFunction
This class represents an abstract PDF function.
Public classPostScriptFunction
This class is a type 4 function, also called a PostScript calculator function, shall be represented as a stream containing code written in a small subset of the PostScript language
Public classSampledFunction
This class represents a sampled function. Sampled functions use a sequence of sample values (contained in a stream) to provide an approximation for functions whose domains and ranges are bounded. The samples are organized as an m-dimensional table in which each entry has n components.
Public classSpotFunctions
Predefined spot functions.
Public classStitchingFunction
This class is a Type 3 function define a stitching of the subdomains of several 1-input functions to produce a single new 1-input function.

Public interfaceIFunction
This interface represents an abstract PDF function.

Public delegateSamplerDelegate
This delegate represents a sampler function that will provide sample data.

Public enumerationBitsPerSample
This enum represents allowed bits per sample values.
Public enumerationFunctionType
This enum represents available function types.
Public enumerationInterpolationOrder
This enum represents an interpolation order. The order of interpolation between samples.