Apitron.PDF.Kit.Interactive.Navigation.DocumentLevel.Collections Namespace

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Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace represents classes and structures fot PDF collections.

Public classCollectionColors
This class represents a collection colors.
Public classCollectionField
This class represents a collection field. A CollectionField describes the attributes of a particular field in a PortableCollection, including the type of data stored in the field and the lookup key used to locate the field data in the FileSpecification.
Public classCollectionFolder
This class represents a collection folder. Beginning with PDF 2.0, a portable collection can contain a Folders object for the purpose of organising files into a hierarchical structure. The structure is represented by a tree with a single root folder acting as the common ancestor for all other folders and files in the collection.
Public classCollectionItem
This class represents a collection item that shall contain the data described by the collection schema for a particular file in a collection.
Public classCollectionSchema
This class represents a collection schema. This class is a container for a set of the CollectionField instances. Each collection field has a key chosen by the interactive PDF writer, which shall be used to associate a field with data in a file specification.
Public classCollectionSort
This class represents a collection sort settings. A collection sort identifies the fields that shall be used to sort items in the PortableCollection. The type of sorting depends on the type of data: Text strings shall be ordered lexically from smaller to larger, if ascending order is specified. Lexical ordering is an implementation dependency for interactive PDF processors. Numbers shall be ordered numerically from smaller to larger, if ascending order is specified. Dates shall be ordered from oldest to newest, if ascending order is specified.
Public classCollectionSplit
This class represents a splitter bar settings.
Public classCollectionSubitem
This class represents a collection subitem that provides the data corresponding to the related fields in the collection, and it provides a means of associating a prefix string with that data value.
Public classPortableCollection
This class repsents a portable collection. A collection specifies the viewing and organisational characteristics of portable collections. If it is present in a PDF document, the interactive PDF processor shall present the document as a portable collection. When an interactive PDF processor first opens a PDF document containing a collection, it shall display the contents according to the View of the collection. The initial document may be the container PDF or one of the embedded documents as specified by the InitialDocument in the collection. Note: The page content in the initial document needs to contain information that helps the user understand what is contained in the collection, such as a title and an introductory paragraph. The file attachments comprising a collection shall be located in the [!:FixedDocument.Names.Attachments] tree. All attachments in that tree are in the collection; any attachments not in that tree are not. For a PDF document that is an unencrypted wrapper for an encrypted payload document, the [!:FixedDocument.Names.Attachments] tree shall contain exactly one entry, for the encrypted payload document. Beginning with PDF 2.0, a portable collection may include an interactive layout, or presentation, of the collection contents. The collection layout or presentation is called a navigator.For more information about navigators please see Navigator.

Public enumerationCollectionFieldType
This enum represents the list of allowed collection field types.
Public enumerationCollectionViewMode
This enum represents a list of allowed values for the collection view modes.
Public enumerationSplitDirection
This enum represents the list of allowed split directions.