Apitron.PDF.Kit.Security Namespace

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains classes for documents security settings creation and usage.

Public classAuthEventArgs
This class represents an abstract authentication event args.
Public classCertificateAuthEventArgs
This class represents a certificate auth event args.
Public classCertificateSecurity
This class represents a public key security
Public classCustomSecurity
This class represents a custom security handler.
Public classEncryptedPayload
This class represents an encrypted payload dictionary with details of the cryptographic filter needed to decrypt the encrypted payload.For a PDF document that is an unencrypted wrapper for an encrypted payload document, the EmbeddedFiles name tree shall contain exactly one entry, for the encrypted payload document.
Public classPasswordAuthEventArgs
This class represnets a password base auth event args.
Public classRecipientsGroup
This class represents a group of recipients with equal access permissions.
Public classSecuritySettings Obsolete.
This class represents security settings for the document.
Public classStandardSecurity
This class represents a standard security handler.
Public classUserDefinedAuthEventArgs
This class represents an user defined auth event args.

Public interfaceICustomSecurityHandler
This interface represents a custom security handler
Public interfaceIDocumentSecurity
This interface represents a document security settings.
Public interfaceIExtendedCustomSecurityHandler
This interface represents a custom security handler for None

Public delegateAuthEventHandler
This delegate represents an authentication event handler.

Public enumerationAuthType
This enum represents the list of allowed auth types.
Public enumerationEncryptionLevel
This enum defines allowed encryption algorithms.
Public enumerationEncryptionSpecialization
This enum represents a list of allowed security handlers specializations.
Public enumerationPermissions
This enum defines allowed access permissions.