Apitron.PDF.Kit.Styles Namespace

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Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains classes and methods that define element style.

Public classColor
The color type used for ContentElement as foreground color.
Public classLength
Represents a characteristic that can be used for description of the element's dimension.
Public classPredefinedColorSpaces
This class represents a list of the predefined color space names.
Public classRgbColors
Defines commonly used colors.
Public classSelectorParseException
Represents parsing exception, it's being thrown by RegisterStyle(String, Style) when invalid input for the style selector is being given during style registration.
Public classStyle

Represents style information container, if one of the style properties is not set then it doesn't affect the element matched. The value for the setting will be inferred from other matching style or from directly set value (can be set via the element's property).

If there are no matching values for the setting and it's not set directly on the element instance then it will have the default value that depends on the element type.

Some of the style properties can be inherited while others affect only the directly matched element, each property has the description of this behavior.

Public classStyleManager
Style manager, it's responsible for styles processing and resolving.
Public classThickness
Defines a uniform unit used for paddings, margins etc. in rectangular areas. Units used for each side are of type Length.

Public interfaceIStyleParameter
Base interface for all style properties.

Public enumerationLengthUnit
Defines possible Length units.