Apitron.PDF.Kit.Styles.Appearance Namespace

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains definitions for a visual styles of element.

Public classAlign
The horizontal alignment of the element’s content, it can be Left, Right, Center aligned or Justified. Only acceptable for block elements, this property will be ignored if the element used is not a block. Left, Right, Center values are supported by all elements. In case of Justify is used – only text elements will be affected. All elements inherit value from their block containers, only block elements can override parent’s Align setting.
Public classBackgroundImage
The background image parameter allows you to set image as a background for ContentElement.
Public classBackgroundPosition
Represents the background image position parameter. It controls at which position BackgroundImage will be drawn first.
Public classBackgroundRepeat
Background repeat parameter, controls repeating behaviour of the BackgroundImage.
Public classBorder
Represents possible border variations for objects implementing ContentElement. Whilst Length values can be used for border creation, values created as Auto or null will be counted as zero.
Public classClear
Defines element relation to floating elements.
Public classDisplay
Represents possible display states for ContentElement. This setting affects their position on a page, relation to other elements, inheritance of the styling properties and sizing behavior.
Public classFloat
Defines floating elements behaviour.
Public classListCounter
Defines base index for Ordered lists.
Public classListMarker
Defines available list markers which can be used in conjunction with ListStyle. This setting affects only items with ListStyle setting not equal to None.
Public classListStyle
Defines available list styles for elements. Can be used to create marked lists.
Public classScriptLevel
Font scripting level definition.
Public classVerticalAlign
Defines vertical alignment variations for an element, the element will be positioned with respect to this setting within containing block's content line. The height of the content line for the block or text element can be set using LineHeight setting.