DrawingContentElement Properties

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Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET

The DrawingContentElement type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBoundary
Gets the boundary of the DrawingContentElement.
(Overrides ContentElementBaseBoundary.)
Public propertyDrawingRule
Gets the drawing rule.
Public propertyElementType
Gets the content element type.
(Overrides ContentElementBaseElementType.)
Public propertyNonStrokingColor
Gets the color of the non stroking.
Public propertyNonStrokingColorSpaceID
Gets the non stroking color space identifier.
Public propertyOperationType
Gets the operation type.
Public propertyPath
Gets the drawing path.
Public propertyStrokingColor
Gets the color of the stroking.
Public propertyStrokingColorSpaceID
Gets the stroking color space identifier.
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