OptionalContentUsage Properties

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Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET

The OptionalContentUsage type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCanBeExported
Gets a value indicating whether this instance can be exported.
(Inherited from Resource.)
Public propertyCreator
Gets or sets a text string specifying the application that created the group.
Public propertyCreatorSubtype
Gets or sets a name defining the type of content controlled by the group. Suggested values include but shall not be limited to Artwork, for graphic-design or publishing applications, and Technical, for technical designs such as building plans or schematics.
Public propertyExportState
Gets or sets a value that value shall be either ON or OFF. This value indicates the recommended state for content in this group when the document (or part of it) is saved by a PDF processor to a format that does not support optional content (for example, a raster image format).
Public propertyLang
Gets or sets a text string that specifies a language and possibly a locale. For example, es-MX represents Mexican Spanish.
Public propertyPageElementSubtype
Gets or sets the page element subtype that shall be a name that is either HF (header/footer), FG (foreground image or graphics), BG (background image or graphics), or L (logo).
Public propertyPreferredLang
Gets or sets a value that shall be either ON or OFF. Default value: OFF. It shall be used by PDF processors when there is a partial match but no exact match between the system language and the language strings in all usage properties.
Public propertyPrintState
Gets or sets the state that shall be either ON or OFF, indicating that the group shall be set to that state when the document is printed.
Public propertyPrintSubtype
Gets or sets a string specifying the kind of content controlled by the group; for example, Trapping, PrintersMarks or Watermark.
Public propertyResourceType
Gets the resource type.
(Inherited from Resource.)
Public propertyUserNames
Gets or sets an array of text strings representing the name(s) of the individual, position or organisation.
Public propertyUserType
Gets or sets the user type that shall be either Ind (individual), Ttl (title or position), or Org (organisation).
Public propertyViewState
Gets or sets a state that shall have a value of either ON or OFF, indicating the state of the group when the document is first opened by a PDF processor.
Public propertyZoom
Gets or sets an array specifying a range of magnifications at which the content in this optional content group is best viewed. It shall contain one or both of the following entries: 0th element - The minimum recommended magnification factor at which the group shall be ON.Default value: 0. 1th element - The magnification factor below which the group shall be ON.Default value: infinity.
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