AnnotationState Enumeration

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This enum represents the list of allowed annotation states.

Namespace:  Apitron.PDF.Kit.Interactive.Annotations
Assembly:  Apitron.PDF.Kit (in Apitron.PDF.Kit.dll) Version: (

public enum AnnotationState

  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Not specified state.
Marked1 The annotation has been marked by the user.
Unmarked2 The annotation has not been marked by the user (the default).
Accepted3 The user agrees with the change.
Rejected4 The user disagrees with the change.
Cancelled5 The change has been cancelled.
Completed6 The change has been completed.
None7 The user has indicated nothing about the change (the default).
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