DetachedSignature Class

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This class represents a base detached signature.
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Namespace:  Apitron.PDF.Kit.Interactive.Forms.Signature
Assembly:  Apitron.PDF.Kit (in Apitron.PDF.Kit.dll) Version: (

public abstract class DetachedSignature : Signature

The DetachedSignature type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDistinguishedName
The subject Distinguished Name (DN) that shall be present within the certificate for it to be acceptable for signing, described in RFC 3280.
(Overrides SignatureDistinguishedName.)
Public propertyName
The subject name in the signing certificate (the element "CN")
(Inherited from Signature.)
Public propertySignDate
The time of signing. Depending on the signature handler, this may be a normal unverified computer time or a time generated in a verifiable way from a secure time server. This value should be used only when the time of signing is not available in the signature.
(Inherited from Signature.)
Public propertySoftwareModuleName
Gets or sets the name of the software module used to create the signature. Has meaning only for Pkcs7DetachedSignature.
(Inherited from SignatureHandler.)
Public propertyTimeStampingAuthority
Gets the time stamping authority.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerTimeStampingAuthority.)
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