Apitron - Licensing overview
Licensing schemes
There are two licensing schemes currently in use - Modern and Legacy. If you're a new customer then the Modern licensing scheme applies, otherwise, if you already have a license - the legacy scheme remains active for you until you license expires, after that please contact our customer support for the transition. The complete licensing agreement for every license type is included into the nuget package or downloadable version available on our website.
Current licensing scheme(Modern)
Under the this scheme there are three licensing tiers:
  • Evaluation - allows you to use a fully functional product for evaluation purposes for 3 months, just download the package from nuget and start developing
  • Community - allows you to use a fully functional product without any fees and royalties in your non-commercial projects, approval required
  • Commercial - any use case not described above. Fee associated with this license type depends on the usage pattern provided with your license request.
This licenses are not available for purchase, if you have any questions regarding your existing Legacy license or are unsure which licensing scheme is applicable in your case, please contact our customer support
Frequently asked questions
We've provided answers to the most common questions regarding the licensing in this article, if you're unsure what license suits you best, please consult our sales department for a quote.
Quotes and purchase questions
If you need a quote or have questions regarding the purchase, please contact our sales representative at sales@apitron.com. Please describe you usage scenario with all possible details in your request, so'd be able to provide the most accurate estimate for you.