SampledFunction Constructor

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
Initializes a new instance of the SampledFunction class.

Namespace:  Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.Functions
Assembly:  Apitron.PDF.Kit (in Apitron.PDF.Kit.dll) Version: (

public SampledFunction(
	string resourceID,
	SamplerDelegate sampler,
	double[] domain,
	double[] range,
	int[] size,
	BitsPerSample bitsPerSample,
	InterpolationOrder order = InterpolationOrder.Linear


Type: SystemString
The resource id.
Type: Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.FunctionsSamplerDelegate
The sampler.
Type: SystemDouble
The domain. The domain is an array of 2 × m numbers, where m shall be the number of input values. For each i from 0 to m − 1, Domain2i shall be less than or equal to Domain2i+1, and the ith input value, xi, shall lie in the interval Domain2i ≤ xi ≤ Domain2i+1. Input values outside the declared domain shall be clipped to the nearest boundary value.
Type: SystemDouble
The range is an array of 2 × n numbers, where n shall be the number of output values. For each j from 0 to n − 1, Range2j shall be less than or equal to Range2j+1, and the jth output value, yj , shall lie in the interval Range2j ≤ yj ≤ Range2j+1. Output values outside the declared range shall be clipped to the nearest boundary value.
Type: SystemInt32
The size is an array of m positive integers that shall specify the number of samples in each input dimension of the sample table.
Type: Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.FunctionsBitsPerSample
The bits per sample. The number of bits that shall represent each sample. (If the function has multiple output values, each one shall occupy BitsPerSample bits.) Valid values shall be 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32.
order (Optional)
Type: Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.FunctionsInterpolationOrder
(Optional) The order of interpolation between samples. Valid values shall be Linear and Cubic, specifying linear and cubic spline interpolation, respectively. Default value: Linear.
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