AnnotationIconNames Enumeration

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This enum represents a default icon names.

Namespace:  Apitron.PDF.Kit.Interactive.Annotations
Assembly:  Apitron.PDF.Kit (in Apitron.PDF.Kit.dll) Version: (

public enum AnnotationIconNames

  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Not specified.
Comment1 The comment icon.
Key2 The key icon.
Note3 The note icon.
Help4 The help icon.
NewParagraph5 The NewParagraph icon.
Paragraph6 The paragraph icon.
Insert7 The insert icon.
RightArrow8 The RightArrow icon.
RightPointer9 The RightPointer icon.
Star10 The Star icon.
UpArrow11 The UpArrow icon.
UpLeftArrow12 The UpLeftArrow icon.
Approved13 The approved icon.
Experimental14 The experimental icon.
NotApproved15 The NotApproved icon.
AsIs16 The AsIs icon.
Expired17 The expired icon.
NotForPublicRelease18 The NotForPublicRelease icon.
Confidential19 The confidential icon.
Sold20 The sold icon.
Departmental21 The departmental icon.
ForComment22 The ForComment icon.
TopSecret23 The TopSecret icon.
Draft24 The draft icon.
ForPublicRelease25 The ForPublicRelease icon.
Graph26 The Graph icon.
PushPin27 The PushPin icon.
Paperclip28 The Paperclip icon.
Tag29 The Tag icon.
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