Apitron.PDF.Kit.Interactive.Annotations Namespace

Apitron PDF Kit help
Apitron.PDF.Kit library for .NET
This namespace contains definition for the standard annotation types that may be displayed in PDF document.

Public classAnnotation
This class represents an abstract annotation
Public classAnnotationAdditionalActions
An entry that specifies an additional-actions set that extends the set of events that can trigger the execution of an action.
Public classAnnotationAppearance
Annotation appearance.
Public classAnnotationBorderEffect
This class represents an annotation border effect.
Public classAnnotationBorderStyle
This class represents an annotation border style
Public classAnnotationCollection
This class represents an annotation collection.
Public classCaretAnnotation
A caret annotation is a visual symbol that indicates the presence of text edits.
Public classCheckBoxFieldView
This class represents a check box annotation.
Public classChoiceFieldView
Choice field view.
Public classCircleAnnotation
This class represents a circle annotation.
Public classFieldViewT
This class represents a field annotation.
Public classFigureAnnotation
This class represents an abstract figure annotation.
Public classFileAttachmentAnnotation
A file attachment annotation contains a reference to a file, which typically is embedded in the PDF file.
Public classFixedPrint
This class represents a fixed print settings.
Public classFreeTextAnnotation
This class represents a free text annotation. A free text annotation displays text directly on the page. Unlike an ordinary text annotation, a free text annotation has no open or closed state; instead of being displayed in a pop-up window, the text shall be always visible.
Public classIconFitSettings
This class represents a icon fit settings.
Public classInkAnnotation
This class rerpresents an ink annotation.
Public classLineAnnotation
This class represents a line annotation. The purpose of a line annotation is to display a single straight line on the page. When opened, it shall display a pop-up window containing the text of the associated note.
Public classLinkAnnotation
This class represents a link annotation represents either a hypertext link to a destination elsewhere in the document or an action to be performed.
Public classMarkupAnnotation
This class represents an abtract markup annotation.
Public classPolygonAnnotation
This class represents a polygon annotation.
Public classPolylineAnnotation
This class represents a polyline annotation.
Public classPopupAnnotation
A pop-up annotation displays text in a pop-up window for entry and editing.
Public classPushbuttonFieldView
This class represenents button annotation.
Public classRadioButtonFieldView
This class represents a radio button annotation.
Public classRedactionAnnotation
This class represents a redaction annotation.
Public classRubberStampAnnotation
A rubber stamp annotation displays text or graphics intended to look as if they were stamped on the page with a rubber stamp.
Public classSignatureFieldView
This class represents a signature field view.
Public classSquareAnnotation
This class represents a square annotation.
Public classStateAnnotation
This class represents a state change annotation.
Public classTextAnnotation
This class represents a text annotation. A text annotation represents a “sticky note” attached to a point in the PDF document.
Public classTextFieldView
This class represents a text field annotation.
Public classTextMarkupAnnotation
Text markup annotations appear as highlights, underlines, strikeouts, or jagged (“squiggly”) underlines in the text of a document. When opened, they display a pop-up window containing the text of the associated note.
Public classToggleFieldViewT
This class represents a toggle annotation.
Public classWatermarkAnnotation
This class represents an watermark annotation.
Public classWidgetAnnotation
This class represents a widget annotation.

Public interfaceIFieldViewAnnotation
This interface represents an abstract field view annotation.

Public enumerationAnnotationBorderEffectStyle
This enum represents an annotation border effect style.
Public enumerationAnnotationBorderType
This enum represents a border type.
Public enumerationAnnotationCaptionPosition
This enum represents the list of the allowed caption positions.
Public enumerationAnnotationFlags
This enum represents an annotation flags
Public enumerationAnnotationHighlightingMode
Highlighting mode.
Public enumerationAnnotationIconNames
This enum represents a default icon names.
Public enumerationAnnotationLineEndingStyle
This enum represents the list of allowed line ending styles.
Public enumerationAnnotationReplyType
In PDF 1.6, a set of annotations may be grouped so that they function as a single unit when a user interacts with them. The group consists of a primary annotation, which shall not have an ReplyTo entry, and one or more subordinate annotations, which shall have an ReplyTo entry that refers to the primary annotation and an ReplyTo entry whose value is Group.
Public enumerationAnnotationState
This enum represents the list of allowed annotation states.
Public enumerationAnnotationType
This enum represents an annotation types.
Public enumerationAnnotattionStateModel
This enum represents the list of allowed state models for a annotation.
Public enumerationCheckBoxMark
Defines supported check box marks.
Public enumerationIconScaleMode
This enum represents the list of icon scale modes.
Public enumerationIconScaleType
This enum represents the allowed list of the icon scale types.
Public enumerationIntentStyle
This enum represents the list of allowed free text intents.
Public enumerationQuaddingJustification
The enum specifying the form of quadding (justification) that shall be used in displaying the annotation’s text
Public enumerationTextMarkupType
This enum represents allowed types of markup annotation.
Public enumerationWidgetTextPosition
Text position inside widget.