Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer.Configuration Namespace

Apitron PDF Rasterizer help
Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer library for .NET
Contains configuration objects used for rendering process customization.

Public classAfterRenderPageEventArgs
This class represents after page render event args.
Public classBeforeRenderPageEventArgs
This class represents before page render event args.
Public classEngineSettings
This class represents a mechanism to configure processing of the PDF.
Public classFontSubstitutionRequestEventArgs
This class represents font substitution request event args.
Public classIccColorProfile
This class represents an ICC color profile
Public classRenderingSettings
Controls the drawing engine behavior.
Public classResolution
Represents a resolution setting container used in Render(Resolution, RenderingSettings, ErrorLogger) method and its overloads.
Public classTiffRenderingSettings
Extends basic rendering settings with things specific to TIFF saving.

Public delegateAfterRenderPageEventHandler
This delegate will be called afeter a page has been rendered.
Public delegateBeforeRenderPageEventHandler
This delegate will be called before render a page.
Public delegateConvertToBitonalDelegate
This delegate will be called if conversion to bitonal should be done by third-party software.
Public delegateEngineSettingsFontSubstitutionRequestEventHandler
This delegate represents a font substitution request event handler.

Public enumerationImageResamplingFilter
Represents possible filters that can be used for image resampling.
Public enumerationMemoryAllocationMode
Defines memory allocation modes that can be used during PDF processing.
Public enumerationRenderMode
Defines rendering modes that can be used for PDF page rendering.
Public enumerationRotationAngle
Defines possible angles for page rotation.
Public enumerationScaleMode
Defines possible page content scaling modes.
Public enumerationTiffCompressionMethod
Defines possible compression methods that can be used for tiff saving.
Public enumerationTiffPixelFormat
This enum represents a list of allowed image data formats.