EngineSettings Class

Apitron PDF Rasterizer help
Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer library for .NET
This class represents a mechanism to configure processing of the PDF.
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Namespace:  Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer.Configuration
Assembly:  Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer (in Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer.dll) Version: (

public sealed class EngineSettings

The EngineSettings type exposes the following members.


Public methodEngineSettings
Initializes a new instance of the EngineSettings class.

Public propertyCMYKColorProfile
Gets or sets the CMYK ICC color profile.
Public propertyStatic memberGlobalSettings
Gets the global settings.
Public propertyStatic memberLogWriter
Gets or sets the log writer.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxThreadsCount
Gets or sets the maximum threads count to be used during processing PDF documents. Valid values: 1 - 8.
Public propertyMemoryAllocationMode
Gets or sets the memory allocation mode.
Public propertyResourceSizeLimit
Defines the resouce size limit in bytes that controls whether the resouce should be loaded to RAM or cached to disk. Valid only if the corressponding setting is set. See MemoryAllocationMode property.
Public propertyStatic memberSubstitutionFontMappings
Gets the special font mappings. To add your substition-set please use the following cunstruction: EngineSettings.FontSubstitutionMapping.Add("KozMinPro-Regular", new string[] { "Kozuka-Mincho-Pro-VI-R", "KozMinProVI-Regular", "MS Mincho", "MS Gothic" }); Where "KozMinPro-Regular" is pdf font name and the set is font names that will be used during font mapping.
Public propertyStatic memberSystemFontPaths
A read-only collection of system folders where the rendering engine tries to find font files by default, e.g. for windows it will be %WINDOWS_FOLDER%\fonts. If you wish to add custom font search path see UserFontPaths property.
Public propertyStatic memberTraceLog
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to trace log.
Public propertyStatic memberUserFontMappings
Gets a user font mappings dictionary, which can be used to map fonts used in document to a font with a particular name when font substitution happens. These mappings are being evaluated in the order of addition when the engine needs to resolve the font. Special font names are supported: "*" maps to all fonts.
Public propertyStatic memberUserFontPaths
An editable collection of user-defined folders where the pdf kit engine tries to find font files in addition to system folders. If the application is opened in trusted mode the paths are expected to be file system based, otherwise they will be processed as isolated storage based paths. An ArgumentException will be thrown as a result of attemp to add null or empty value.

Public methodStatic memberDeleteTemporaryFiles
Enforces deletion of the temporary files. All temporary files those are not in use will be removed.
Public methodStatic memberRegisterUserFont
Registers the font in library's font cache.
Public methodStatic memberUnregisterUserFonts
Unregisters all user fonts from library's font cache.

Public eventStatic memberFontSubstitutionRequest
Occurs when font substitution request occurred. This event allows user to select a required font mapping.
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