As a company successfully offering its components on a highly competitive PDF software market, we, at Apitron, have developed good relationships with many enterprises from all over the world.

Small single-dev companies, educational and government institutions benefit as much as multinational corporations, like Boeng, Merryll Lynch, GM, Aeroflot, Schlumberger, and others. Our components are being used by companies providing services in many areas: mechanical engineering, banking and finance, oil mining, healthcare, navigation, enterprise-level workflow processing solutions etc.

Affordable, highly optimized and backed up by our superior support, our software speaks for itself better than any commercial ad placed on top of useful links.

We carefully review each letter or issue case and value all feedback we get from our customers. We prefer to keep your testimonials personal and real and we review them constantly to find the inspiration for our future achievements. If you’d like to write a testimonial to us, please send it to any of the emails listed on the contacts page. Share your experience with others, we highly appreciate that.

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