Create, edit and process PDF with Apitron PDF Kit for .NET component

Looking for a good and reliable .NET PDF library with excellent support? Developing applications for desktop, web and mobile platforms? Apitron PDF Kit is a .NET pdf component that can be used to perform any task related to PDF processing. It's a cross-platform PDF library, available for modern cloud, web, desktop and mobile platforms. It's created using 100% managed code, and has simple and transparent royalty-free licensing model. Use you favourite .NET language, C#, VB.NET or other and create applications requiring pdf processing with minimal efforts. Free evaluation.Try it for free

Common usage scenarios of the Apitron PDF library

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PDF versions

Complete PDF support

The library is able to handle documents created using all available PDF versions including linearized, password-protected, signed, PDF/A and others. It has an ability to recover and read partially corrupted documents.

Image formats support

Output formats

Output documents are fully compliant to PDF ISO 32000 2008 standard and PDF/A support is available as well. Using our extraction API, you can also extract images and text from existing documents. It supports several text extraction modes - raw text, formatted text and HTML.

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Multicore processing

Key achievement of the current implementation is our PDF processing engine that is able to parallel some of the parsing operations. It uses all available processor cores, so your application scales well when you add them.

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Cross-platform development

We support all application types that can be created using the power of .NET, Mono and Xamarin platforms. Create applications for Windows Forms, WPF, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Phone Silverlight, ASP .NET WebForms and MVC, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS, Azure Worker and Web Roles and windows services. You'll need just one library and one code for all of them.

Apitron PDF Kit for .NET Ecosystem           

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Simple and easy to use API. Easy to Get Started.

[C# code]
                  // create output file
                  using (Stream outputStream = File.Create("hello world.pdf"))
                      // create new flow document and set margin
                      FlowDocument document = new FlowDocument(){Margin = new Thickness(10)};
                      // add text block to pdf page
                      document.Add(new TextBlock("Hello world using Apitron PDF Kit for .NET")
                          Font = new Font(StandardFonts.Helvetica,20)
                      // save the resulting document
                      document.Write(outputStream, new ResourceManager(), new PageBoundary(Boundaries.A4));


Wide range of PDF features supported.
Simple, yet powerful like no one.

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Throughly tested .NET PDF library.
With impressively simple API.

We always test our PDF library using thousands of hand-crafted tests before each release, and it guarantees that you get the perfectly tested code. This test base is constantly growing, making the product better with each release. The API is neat and powerful enough to let you freely read and generate any PDF you want. Focused on effective PDF processing, it lessens the amount of routine operations and significantly shortens the development cycle.

Work with PDF on Android.
See for yourself.

Proven, robust and high-quality PDF library for use on Android devices. Use Xamarin Android and create PDF processing apps for mobile devices using the single pdf manipulation API available for all patforms. Checked and approved by Xamarin.

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Manipulate PDF on iOS devices.
Get ready to get more done.

A must have PDF library for Xamarin iOS. Create PDF processing apps for iPhone, iPad and other Xamarin iOS supported devices. Serve your mobile customers with the power and API of a desktop tool.

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Apitron PDF Kit - create PDF form in Xamarin iOS application

apitron pdf kit - windows store questionnaire sample

Manage PDF in windows store app.
Be one step ahead.

Create PDF apps targeting Windows Store without any limitations using our native, 100% .NET solution. Share the code base and create Universal Applications using single API. Reuse the code and add support for other mobile platforms when it's needed.

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Native Windows Phone support.
You will not notice the difference!

It brings the full power of the desktop PDF processing library to Windows Phone devices. Designed to be fully compliant with PDF standard, it supports all versions of the PDF format, including ISO 32000. Being one step ahead, the library can process and repair many non-compliant or corrupt PDF documents providing unrivaled performance. Use single code base and target both Windows Stores simultaneously writing Universal Applications. High fidelity results are guaranteed.

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apitron pdf kit - create pdf form windows phone sample

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Custom Software Development.
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As a company selling PDF components, we are experienced in the technology itself and also have right tools already in hands. Probably, Apitron is the only company offering such services, but anyway, we offer custom software development services related to PDF processing for our customers.

We have dedicated custom software development department that does just that - develops custom software for our customers using our software components. The clear benefit is that your developers don't have to learn the API and PDF specifics, and you can just define the requirements and get the work done by PDF experts. At reasonable rates.

If you need help with integration of Apitron's software or an advice related to PDF, just contact us with your request. For some projects, custom development might be a good solution, and important part of such collaboration is a trusted partner. We developed many long-term relationships in the past, and continue to do so, being open and honest with our customers. Working together, we can get amazing things done. Get the best price and quality offer on the market.


Royalty free licensing lets you deploy applications to your customers without additional fees. Starts from just $0

Image formats support

Server license

Allows you to run our component on exactly one server. The licensing mechanism checks the NETBIOS name of the machine and unlocks the component.

PDF versions

Application license

Allows you to create a single application based on our product. Licensing mechanism checks corresponding AssemblyProduct and AssemblyCompany attributes of the entry assembly it order to validate the license.

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Web Domain license

Allows you to run our component on any server that serves a specific domain like The licensing mechanism checks incoming requests and unlocks the component.

Custom license - This license allows specific component usage, such as branding and reselling as a part of your own component. Requires a special agreement, please contact our sales for a quote.

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